Technical & Commercial Information

Clear, Concise, Correct, Complete

Architects, engineers, and contractors need product information that is clear, concise, correct, and complete. No more and no less. At APCS we understand the needs of the design and construction community and strive to furnish all necessary information so good decisions can be made promptly and effectively.

We have designed this website with the 4 C’s in mind. Each manufacturer’s page follows the same format so information can be quickly located. Technical information from the companies we represent in the form of MasterFormat® and related documentation can be easily found as well.

On the commercial side, we can assist with budget pricing at early design stages to firm quotes for every manufacturer we represent. Since we don’t buy or resell, all quotes are issued directly by the manufacturers. And as such, each manufacturer has its own terms and conditions. For any questions on terms or conditions for any of the manufacturers we represent, please contact us.