Sales & Post Sales

The natural outcome of our business development efforts

As all successful companies, we need sales to survive, grow, and thrive. Our name says it all: Architectural Products Consulting & Sales. We take a consultative approach to the selling process. The main part of the process is in listening and understanding what the challenges are. Then, like a doctor, asking questions and going through a process of elimination, to arrive at a viable solution or solutions.

Our philosophy regarding sales is that the sale is the outcome of business development properly done and executed. We have a role to play in the industry along architects, engineers, consultants, general contractors, sub-contractors, and others. We are the ones that know our products best, and it’s our job to identify where our products and solutions can add value. And when our products aren’t suitable for a project, it is our job to say so and point the design/construction team in the right direction.

Everybody knows that retaining customers based on quality products and service makes better sense than finding new customers every time around. But not everybody acts accordingly. We at APCS know that your expectations are high and you deserve to receive accurate information when you need it. Our ethics and long-term view of business and relationships direct us to always be truthful, frank, and courteous with all stakeholders. We respect your time and that’s why we show up on time or a bit early to our appointments. And after the sale we like to visit every now and then to say hi and find out if we can assist in any way. If you have any sales-related questions please drop us a line to or call us anytime.