Review Drawings

The first step for many of the projects that we work on

APCS and the companies we represent receive many invitations to bid, requests for quotes, and inquiries in general. Frequently, the first step to determine the suitability of any of the products or systems we represent is to receive access to drawings. Engineers, technical personnel, and project managers at APCS and the companies we represent carefully review drawings and specifications to assess any opportunities to assist. We receive project drawings that may be in any stage from conceptual and schematics to design development and to 100% construction documents. Generally speaking, getting us involved sooner rather than later opens up more and better opportunities for design and performance improvements, and/or significant savings for the construction team.

Every company we represent has a unique value proposition. Before contracting to represent any company we always ask: Why? And there has to be a good, easy to understand reason why a designer or a contractor would want to specify or purchase products from such a company. So while reviewing project drawings and specifications – at any stage – we analyze how any of the products or systems we offer, standard or custom, may meet requirements and specifications, improve the project aesthetics, performance, and durability, or reduce its cost.