Product Selection

Standard or Custom?

During design development, systems and products start taking shape and form. For other projects, products and systems may be specified based on performance parameters or have delegated design specs. In any case, APCS and the companies we represent engage with architects, engineers, and contractors at some point to assist with product selection. After review of drawings and specifications, technical personnel of the companies we represent review the available project information to determine if a standard product or system will meet drawings and specifications requirements. If so, this is generally the most economical solution, since standard products are often produced in high volumes in scheduled runs. If no standard solution will work, the custom solution process begins, relying heavily on the experience of personnel, plant capabilities, and capabilities of partner companies.

If product selection is being done at 100% CD stage or during bidding stage, it’s likely that shop drawings will be required for review and approval before fabrication can start. The companies we represent have these capabilities and offer shop drawing production, either in-house or through trusted industry partner companies. If stamped calculations are required, these will be performed and stamped either in-house or through trusted and recognized engineering companies.

Occasionally, projects will go through a “value engineering” process where more economical alternatives to specified products and systems may be evaluated. We understand this process and whenever needed, engage with design and construction teams to find alternative products or systems that may assist with this process while not compromising aesthetics or performance expectations.