Design Assist

Experts in their respective fields

Project architects and engineers have a huge scope – the engineering, design, and specifications for the entire project, not to mention construction phase responsibilities. Having limited budget and time, designers often rely on trade and industry experts such as reputable sub-contractors, consultants, and leading manufacturers of specialized construction products for assistance with design, selection and customization of systems, detailing and correct specifications. The companies we represent are leaders in their respective fields. As such, they employ talented and experienced project managers, draftsmen, and engineers that have the experience and expertise to understand the design challenges and recommend suitable solutions that are cost-effective relative to the project budget.

Several of the companies we represent – with APCS support and coordination – provide design assist services to designers, architects, and structural engineers. Design assist can be a paid pre-negotiated service, or no-charge support from the companies we represent. Often, the scope and depth of the design assist tasks will determine the nature of this type of service. But generally speaking, application support to determine product selection is a service provided at no charge as a “cost of doing business”. The exception to this would be if such application assistance involves an inordinate amount of time from technical personnel or if the principal company would need to expend funds with third-party companies to find the right solutions to the design assist challenges.