Lightweight honeycomb stone, porcelain, and aluminum panels

Features and Benefits:

  • Stone of your choice: Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Sandstone, etc.
  • Only 5 lbs. per sq. ft., no heavy structure required
  • Strong, flat, and durable aluminum honeycomb backing
  • Interior or exterior cladding applications for facade, lobby, elevators, etc.
  • Great alternative to dimension stone – fast installation at jobsite
  • Full service including design-assist and engineering through production and delivery
  • www.terracorepanels.com

Why TerraCORE Panels?

Stone panels with honeycomb backing can be a great option for institutional projects including college & university, hospital & medical building, museum, as well for high-end commercial, mixed use, and residential projects. When TerraCORE Panels are considered from early design development, dramatic savings can be achieved when compared to dimension stone cladding, since the structural support required for TerraCORE Panels is typically based on 16-gauge studs at 16″ on-center. The beauty and permanence of natural stone in a modern, lightweight, strong panel system is what TerraCORE brings to the design and construction community in America and other parts of the world.


  • Exterior Cladding Honeycomb Backed Stone Panels
  • Interior Cladding Honeycomb Backed Stone Panels
  • Interior Cladding Glass Backed Stone Panels
  • Exterior Cladding Honeycomb Backed Porcelain Panels
  • Interior Cladding Honeycomb Backed Porcelain Panels
  • Exterior Cladding Honeycomb Backed Aluminum Panels
  • Interior Cladding Honeycomb Backed Aluminum Panels


  • Natural stone facades with panelized system
  • Exterior and interior cladding applications
  • NFPA-285 approved cladding systems
  • High wind load natural stone facade
  • Curtain wall spandrel panels
  • Elevator cabs and other systems with lightweight cladding requirements


Stone: Virtually any natural stone can be used to produce TerraCORE Panels. The owner, designer, or architect may select a stone from any source or quarry. TerraCORE offers the option to source a similar stone – subject to review and approval by design team – or can also source from the exact quarry that the design team specifies.

Porcelain: TerraCORE offers honeycomb backed porcelain panels giving the designer a wide selection of beautiful and durable colors, textures, and patterns. Please contact us for more information or samples of available porcelain options.

Aluminum: If metal panels are suitable for a project, Aluminum honeycomb panels with premium Kynar or PVDF coatings are available from TerraCORE. Having a strong flat honeycomb substrate, these panels are a great option whenever the oil canning effect of single skin metal panels is to be avoided.

Finishes: Different stones can be offered with different finishes, including water jet sandblasted (light or heavy), honed, polished, buffed, etc. Striped, patterned, and rough textures can also be achieved. Please contact us for samples or additional information on available finishes for the stone of your choice.

Custom Solutions

Every TerraCORE Panels project is custom-designed to suit the project requirements. Panels can be designed in virtually any shape to accommodate architectural details and functionality. Panels may have returns of up to 8″ for corners or soffits, creating a massive stone impression. Typical sizes generally go up to 4′ x 8′ but for certain high volume projects this size may be increased, subject to engineering review. TerraCORE panels partners with CDC (Curtain Wall Design and Consulting) from Dallas, Texas, for shop drawing production, engineering review, and stamped calculations for any state in the USA. In addition to the standard aluminum honeycomb core, TerraCORE offers natural stone on glass substrate for translucent stone applications.


TerraCORE Panels for exterior cladding applications are designed and produced with a rail and clip connection system to resist dead load and wind load, and have been used on high-rise and high wind load projects and cities. A more economical lighter duty rail & clip system is offered for interior applications where wind load is not a concern. Installation of TerraCORE Panels essentially consists of anchoring rails to substrate, hanging the panel with clips which connect and sit on rails, and fixing clips to rails. The installation of rails to be plumb and square is the key to a fast and successful installation. Shop drawings typically allow for shimming, as needed, up to 1/2″. TerraCORE can recommend experienced installers for projects based in any city or state.

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