SPANTEK Expanded Metal

Architectural Decorative Mesh Patterns

Features and Benefits:

  • Lower cost alternative to using perforated metal
  • Three dimensional profile provides unique look and aesthetics
  • Provide airflow to a project with different patterns
  • Privacy screen with wide variety of visibility options
  • Allows architects plenty of design choices with a variety of metals and finishes
  • Economical option compared with metal panels and with wire mesh

Why Spantek?

Spantek was founded in 1963 and has a long history as a recognized leader in the expanded metals industry. Their dedication to both anticipating and serving customers’ needs means continuous improvement and cost control. The Spantek Edge Process is designed to optimize fabrication quality, cost and delivery. Spantek utilizes this engineering – partnership approach to reduce total cost to market. This is accomplished by a unique 7-step procedure designed to uncover the most efficient manufacturing process and product design that will provide the most value for expanded metal projects and applications. Through a systematic methodology Spantek delivers results from design improvements to delivery, giving their customers an advantage and improving their performance and bottom line.


  • SPANTEK expanded metal patterns
  • Architectural expanded metal – Helios Line
  • Flattened expanded metal
  • Unflattened expanded metal
  • Security mesh


  • Architectural Elements and Detail
  • Architectural Fencing
  • Balcony Railings
  • Barriers, Room Dividers and Doors
  • Ceilings, Floors and Roofs
  • Facade elements for parking structure openings
  • Interior/Exterior Catwalks
  • Stadium Partitions and sun shields
  • Stair enclosures and treads


Spantek can produce expanded metal in most metals. Aluminum and steel sheet metal are some of the most popular and effective materials for expanded metal production. Aluminum expanded metal may be anodized or painted in a wide variety of colors. Paint options for all metals include powder coating as well as PVDF architectural finishes in any color.

Custom Solutions

SPANTEK can provide samples, prototyping, custom parts, and concept evaluation. Along with client collaboration. SPANTEK offers the best expanded metal solutions for architectural applications.


As a national expanded metal manufacturer, SPANTEK does not install any of its products. SPANTEK can recommend experienced installers for projects based in any city or state.

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