PCI-Certified, award-winning producer of Architectural Precast Concrete Panels

Features and Benefits

  • Award-winning, PCI-Certified producer of architectural precast concrete panels and GFRC
  • Unique capabilities to create custom color, texture, shape, design, etc.
  • Premium quality producer at lower cost than most qualified precast producers
  • Use of natural materials to create most panel colors and textures
  • Lightweight “waffle” backside for lighter, stronger precast architectural panels
  • Experts in complex colors, textures, and geometries, including radiused precast panels


PRETECSA has been in business since 1968 and has produced architectural precast panels for hundreds of projects. Many of PRETECSA’s projects have received PCI (Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute) awards and international recognition. PRETECSA is based near Mexico City and has a fully bilingual staff ready to leverage the opportunities offered by international trade. PRETECSA offers unique value on medium and large projects with complex precast concrete panels. PRETECSA is one of the original principals that signed off representation when APCS was created in 2012.


  • Architectural precast concrete panels
  • Precast architectural ribbed (waffle back) panels
  • Glass fiber reinforced concrete panels (GFRC)
  • Precast concrete planters, benches, and exterior furniture
  • Curved panels with 1 or 2-dimension radius


  • Facade precast concrete panels
  • Lightweight precast concrete panel requirements
  • Soffit precast concrete panels
  • Energy efficient and thermal mass requirements
  • Institutional projects including library, museum, university, religious, and government


As a PCI-certified producer of architectural precast concrete panels, PRETECSA follows PCI (Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute) design and production guidelines. PRETECSA’s technical department is experienced in interpreting drawings and specifications of precast concrete panels, and will formulate the specified concrete mixture with strict quality control. Whenever possible, PRETECSA uses all natural materials to create a wide variety of colors and textures. Certain colors in the blue/green spectrum will often require pigments along with select natural extracted materials.

Pretecsa’s technical department offers assessment in modulation, gutters, joints, returns, intersections, doors and windows, finishes, sealants, caulking and information on specifications which are approved by the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI), where PRETECSA is an active member of several committees.

Finishes: PRETECSA craftsmen, technicians, and engineers have a long tradition and expertise in creating the most unique and striking finishes for architectural precast panels and GFRC panels. This includes rough or polished stone appearance, real thin brick or simulated brick, patterns, shapes, colors, and even concrete finishes with self-cleaning properties!

Custom Solutions

Every PRETECSA project has unique design, specifications, requirements, and finishes. As such, every project is custom designed, engineered, and produced to meet construction documents requirements, specifications, and aesthetics. For plain, gray, flat, rectangular panels please visit your local precast concrete producer. For everything else please contact us at (210) 862-6431 or email us at for fast and efficient service.


For Texas-based projects as well as for neighboring states, PRETECSA has partnered with Gulf Coast Precast Erectors (GCPE), a PCI-Certified installer of architectural precast concrete panels and GFRC panels. Through our collaboration with GCPE, we can offer full “furnish & install” bids to general contractors for projects based in Texas and neighbor states NM, OK, and LA.

For projects outside the south-central states, PRETECSA can offer highly competitive “furnish only” bids, where the general contractor or construction manager at-risk will directly contract installation with sub-contractors of their choice and trust.

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