Tension Rods, Compression Struts, and Cables for AESS

Features and Benefits:

  • Tension systems with high load capacity and architectural finish and aesthetics
  • Architectural compression struts for high compressive load conditions
  • No exposed threads for architecturally pleasing appearance and thread protection
  • Left-hand thread and right-hand threaded forks allow for tensioning without turnbuckle
  • Post-tensioning threaded bar systems for concrete to concrete and concrete to steel applications
  • Rolled threads in all Macalloy systems for exceptional performance in fatigue conditions

Why Macalloy?

Since the 1940’s Macalloy has been leading the way in the design, manufacture and supply of threaded bar systems. Macalloy’s traditional ethos of consistently serving its markets with experience, innovation and quality, has strengthened the company’s reputation as the leading threaded bar manufacturer in the world. With innovation at the heart of the company’s brand, Macalloy developed and introduced the concept of Tensile Structures in the early 1980’s, leading to new systems and technology that were to change traditional principles forever. In recognition of this, the Macalloy portfolio of projects continues to expand with new and exciting opportunities being presented. Throughout its history, Macalloy has gained respect from architects, engineers and contractors. This continues to be the case today. Macalloy has been represented by APCS in Texas, the south central states, and in Latin America since 2013.


  • Tension rods in diameter range M10 (nominal 3/8″) to M100 (nominal 4″)
  • Compression struts in diameter range (O.D.) from 1.33″ to 12.75″
  • Cable systems for architectural exposed structural steel applications up to M26 (nominal 1″)
  • Post-tensioning systems with nominal diameter M20 to M75


  • Metal roof systems for stadium, arena, and other open plan structures
  • Facade support including point supported glass wall systems
  • Pedestrian and vehicular bridge design and construction
  • Tensile structures and suspended structures
  • Wall bracing and cross-bracing applications
  • Anchor bolts, hold down bolts, sheet pile ties, temporary pre-stress


Tension Structures: Macalloy systems are available in carbon steel and in stainless steel. Both materials are available in nominal strength (system 460) as well as in high-strength steel (system 520). Full mechanical properties of system 460 and system 520 can be found in Macalloy’s Tension Structures brochure. Finishes available for carbon steel systems include mill finish (no coating), galvanized, or primer suitable for architectural coating (by others).

Post-tension systems: Macalloy 1030 is a carbon-chrome steel with a composition designed to give the specified properties. All bars are hot rolled. Diameters from 25mm to 40mm are cold worked by stretching. The stretching load and permanent elongation are predetermined by preliminary tests and the properties are monitored during production to ensure that the bars as supplied comply in all respects with the provisions of BS4486. Bars of 50mm and 75mm diameter are heat treated after rolling at a controlled temperature and time to ensure that the steel achieves the mechanical properties stated in the post-tension brochure. Rigorous inspection and testing is carried out, both during and after treatment, to ensure consistent tensile properties. The mechanical performance of the bar is monitored through the tensile testing of machined specimens rather than section testing.

Custom Solutions

Macalloy systems are often custom designed and manufactured to suit project requirements. For custom applications where the main design driver is slenderness of tension rods, even higher strength steel can be sourced to produce tension rods with maximum load/diameter ratios. Connection disks, gusset plates, and fins can be sourced locally or from Macalloy, with the expertise and capabilities to produce highly customized options. Compression struts that have special load capacity and aesthetic requirements may be custom designed with thicker walls and smaller outside diameters.


As an offshore producer of tension and compression systems, Macalloy does not install any of its systems. Macalloy has developed strong relationships with leading steel sub-contractors and installers and can recommend reputable companies to bid complete “furnish & install” proposals throughout the USA and worldwide.

Macalloy provides assembly and installation instructions along with every shipment. Additionally, Macalloy also offers specialized pre-tensioning service for projects that include a pre-stress load specification on Macalloy tendons with turnbuckles. This service may include training, supervision, rental of stressing units along with torque wrenches, or full pre-stress service for the full project scope.

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