Your virtual plant for curtain wall fabrication

Features and Benefits:

  • Premier fabricator of curtain wall systems following your design and specifications
  • Experienced producer of unitized, K-D, and stick curtain wall and window wall systems
  • Precise execution and fabrication of your design, specifications, requirements, and tolerances
  • Virtual plant for U.S. curtain wall companies to reduce cost and/or increase production capacity
  • Low cost, high quality, proven producer, partnering with leading American curtain wall companies
  • Successful project references across the USA, Mexico, and Latin America

Why Aluvisa?

For over five decades, Aluvisa and its predecessor company have produced high performance curtain wall, window wall, and architectural window systems. Aluvisa is based in Mexico and serves their local market with full design, engineering, fabrication, and erection of curtain wall systems. For the USA market, Aluvisa has over 10 years of experience acting as a trusted fabricator, producing curtain wall systems per the customer’s design, specifications, tolerances, and requirements. Aluvisa has state-of-the-art design and fabrication technologies to fabricate American curtain wall systems with precision and according to approved drawings.


  • Unitized curtain wall systems, pre-glazed or un-glazed
  • Fully fabricated knocked-down (K-D) curtain wall systems
  • Window wall and storefront fenestration systems
  • Punched and ribbon windows for commercial and institutional projects


  • High-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise buildings
  • Pressure-equalized and rain screen systems
  • Institutional projects including hospital, higher education, and government
  • Special requirements including thermal, acoustical, seismic, and fire-resistant conditions


Aluvisa offers the option of extruding all necessary profiles per die drawings that are the intellectual property of the customer. Aluvisa and their partner companies can produce virtually any aluminum profile extrusions and anodized or paint finishes to meet customer specifications. Alternatively, American curtain wall companies may ship their own profiles or branded profiles to Aluvisa for fabrication of systems per the customer’s designs. For most insulated glass units (IGU) laminated glass, tempered glass, and spandrel panels, Aluvisa and its partners can also furnish glass products to meet USA performance and aesthetic specifications.

For most American projects, the best value – up to 20% savings – can be achieved when aluminum and glass are sourced by Aluvisa and partner companies, and fully glazed unitized curtain wall systems are fabricated, glazed, caulked, crated, and shipped to the USA jobsite ready for erection.

Aluminum finishes: Virtually all commercial anodized and paint finishes for architectural aluminum are available from Aluvisa and partner companies when extrusion is entrusted to them. Be it an anodized coating or paint, exact colors and specifications shall be verified including samples and mock-ups as required.

Custom Solutions

Every Aluvisa project has unique design, specifications, requirements, and finishes. As such, every project is custom-produced to meet the curtain wall design furnished by USA customers. Aluvisa has the technology, equipment, personnel, and expertise to fabricate, glaze, crate, and ship American-designed curtain wall systems meeting the tightest tolerances and specifications. Aluvisa has successfully partnered with leading American companies including Kawneer, Enclos, Harmon, and Cupples over the last decade.


As an offshore curtain wall fabricator, Aluvisa does not install any glazing or fenestration systems in the USA. American curtain wall companies that contract fabrication with Aluvisa will need to install or contract the installation of such systems. Aluvisa is very experienced in connections and anchoring systems, and can also furnish adjustable anchor brackets as well as engineered anchor channels and T-bolts as required.

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