There are very good reasons to work with APCS and the manufacturers we represent

Mature industries such as design and construction of commercial and institutional buildings often become overly dependent on local vendors and materials, stalling innovation and creativity. World-class product manufacturers that have mastered their respective trades and offer advanced solutions at highly competitive prices do exist, but are often out of reach or may not be well known in a particular region or market.

Solving facade, interior cladding, and structural connection challenges with some of the best products and solutions from proven manufacturers is what APCS is all about. We represent time-tested companies and technologies that enable architects, engineers, and contractors to design and build beautiful and efficient buildings. We are ready to assist your team in delivering the right cladding and structural connections to meet or exceed project requirements with no aesthetic or performance compromises, and within the project budget.

Just like in many other industries, identifying the best manufacturer for any product, component or assembly also makes sense in the A/E/C community. Certain projects often benefit from their usual materials vendors. Other projects with more complex requirements can benefit from the design, specification and installation of products and systems from highly specialized firms like the ones we proudly represent.

APCS was launched in 2012. During these last few years we have found our place in the industry providing some of the best products, systems, and solutions in cladding and in structural connections from US and foreign vendors. If there’s something you can’t find or could be improved in any way, please drop us a note to info@apcs-sales.com as we’re always looking for ways to bring more value to our friends in the design and construction industry.